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You must be aware that if you book a product or service online, you will be expected to pay using a credit card. All prices shown are in US Dollars ($USD) and include tax where applicable and are subject to changes. This website is powered by Enterprise Travel Solutions.

Euro USA Travel will not be responsible for any communication errors, network problems or pricing queries.

1. Booking Terms and Conditions-Availability Minimum Period before Check In

* Bookings are usually restricted to a minimum of 8 days prior to check in and a maximum of 12 months prior to check in.
* Items shown as Available are likely to be confirmed if you continue with the booking process. Because we use Real Time live availability technology it is possible that between the time you search for availability and the time you request us to make a booking, the hotel or service is no longer available. These circumstances are beyond our control and we cannot accept responsibility if the room is sold at the price quoted on the screen.
* Euro USA Travel does not own the hotel rooms or any other facilities provided and cannot guarantee or warrant the suitability of any product or service for your particular needs or requirements.
* All hotel information loaded into the site is current and is subject to change without prior notification.
* Euro USA Travel accepts no responsibility for hotels that are not suitable to individual tastes and preferences.
* Euro USA Travel will not accept liability for any disturbance or inconvenience to the client beyond our control nor for accidents in a hotel or loss caused by hotel management or staff.
* Euro USA Travel is not liable for hotels undergoing renovation, redecoration and maintenance. This often takes placed without prior notification.

2. Booking Terms and Conditions - Prices

* Prices are fixed and final only at the time that full payment has been received from you.
* Euro USA Travel has made every endeavour to ensure that our prices are accurate and competitive. Euro USA Travel does not accept liability for any errors and/or omissions and we reserve the right to change the information and pricing published at any time without prior notification.

3. Booking Terms and Conditions - Ancillary Items

* Your tariff does not include supplements, telephone calls, mini-bar, dry cleaning, laundry, parking or internet usage (unless specified), etc.
* You will be asked upon check in for your credit card. This is not for payment of the accommodation as you have already pre-paid the hotel. This is for security use by the hotel for ancillary items such as the use of the mini-bar, phone calls, room service, dry cleaning, laundry or parking, etc.
* You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking and it must be for your personal use. Bookings may not be sold, assigned or otherwise transferred to any other party.
* In the event of a dispute, your bookings, if any, are subject solely to the laws and courts of NSW.
* Passports, Visa and health requirements for you and your companions / family (if any) are your responsibility. You are strongly advised to obtain travel insurance against cancellation, delays and for medical cover, etc.

4. Booking Terms and Conditions - Others

* Information such as star rating and facilities described are for descriptive purposes only and while we attempt to keep them current at the time of booking, details may not be current at the time of check in and therefore must be used as a guide only. Hotel information is provided by the supplier of the hotel. Euro USA Travel will not be held responsible for incorrect inaccurate information supplied to us.
* Euro USA Travel recommends you make every endeavour to check the facilities and services yourself.
* On rare occasions, two consumers could be booking the same property. The one that has processed the booking will receive confirmation after the Credit Card form is approved. The other will have a charge on their Credit Card and a reply advising approval however the Accommodation is now taken. A refund will be issued within 21 days of acknowledgement. Please note that Euro USA Travel accepts no liability as this is completely out of our control. Requesting two properties, you will need to make two (2) separate bookings by completing one at a time. You are only able to pay and voucher one (1) hotel property at a time.

5. Booking Terms and Conditions - Room Configurations

Single Room - Usually contains one bed only
Twin Room - Usually contains two beds
Double Room - Usually contains a double or larger bed
Triple Room (3 Pax) - Usually contains a double or larger bed plus another bed. In some cases it may contain 3 separate beds
Quad Room (4 Pax) - Usually contains 2 double or larger bed plus. In some cases it may contain 4 separate beds

Children in Room
There may be an extra charge for a cot or a roll-away bed

The information above is generic and Euro USA Travel cannot guarantee that the bedding for any individual property is as described above.

6. Booking Terms and Conditions - Cancellation and Amendment

If you (the User) cancels a booking, the appropriate cancellation fee detailed below will apply. These fees are the sole property of Euro USA Travel and are net, non commissionable to Travel Agents.

If the booking is cancelled by Euro USA Travel at your (the User’s) request then it is at the sole discretion of Euro USA Travel whether a further service fee will be applied. As such fees are a matter between Euro USA Travel and their clients it is Euro USA Travel’s responsibility to ensure that any appropriate tax is paid.


If you cancel a booking,

* 0 - 4 Days prior to Check in Date: One of the following will apply. A. 100% cancellation fee or B. One nights accommodation or C. $95 cancellation fee.
* 4 Days - 7 Days prior to Check in Date: Whichever is the lesser value, $95 or one nights accommodation.
* 8 Days - 3 Months prior to Check in Date: Whichever is the lesser value, $45 or one nights accommodation.
* Outside of 3 Months prior to Check in Date: $15 Cancellation Fee

Please Note: Cancellation fees shown above do not include tax.

Final decision on cancellation fees is determined by contractual obligations with each individual hotel property and are subject to change without notice. Euro USA Travel reserves the right to charge a higher fee should any additional penalties be incurred as a result of you (the Consumer) cancelling the booking. All fees charged by Euro USA Travel will appear in
your (the Consumers) booking file.

7. Payment Terms and Conditions - New Bookings

* Your consumer Credit Card must be valid and is required at the time of booking
* It is the responsibility of the consumer to ensure all information entered into the site is correct and valid. Euro USA Travel does not accept responsibility for any incorrect information submitted.
* Your Credit Card will be charged immediately after you submit the Credit Card information form or click the “Book Now” button. Upon this transaction, you will receive either an approved or declined status indicating that the payment has gone through or the process was declined.
* Payment for your Accommodation can be made by using your Visa Card, MasterCard or American Express Card.
* Payments charged to credit cards will be displayed on you credit card statement as being charged by Euro USA Travel. The operators of this site.
* Your Credit Card will be charged the full balance at the time of booking.
* Please note that your Credit Card details will not be held on file for security purposes. All information provided in this site is strictly confidential.
* Euro USA Travel has taken serious measures to ensure your security on our site. Your transaction process is secured by SSL and GeoTrust.
* If you do not wish to pay by credit card then you must contact Euro USA Travel to make other payment arrangements.
* It is important for you to view Euro USA Travel Payment Terms and Conditions also.

8. Booking Terms and Conditions - Printing of Documents and Vouchering

* Euro USA Travel will not be held responsible for the loss of the voucher.
* Vouchers are accessible by 'Retrieving the Booking' selecting 'Print Voucher'. This can be done at any time.
* For any problems in printing your voucher, contact Euro USA Travel
* Voucher/s must be presented to the hotel upon check in.
* Vouchers printed will have an operator reference number and can only be accepted at the hotel property with valid proof of Identification.

9. Payment Terms and Conditions - Refunds

* If you are entitled to a refund, the refund will be paid to you within 21 days of acknowledgement. Refunds will be made to the consumers Credit Card. No Claims will be accepted after a refund is processed.
* Refunds will be made using exactly the same method as that of payment e.g. Payment by credit card equals refund to Credit Card
* Refund requests for partially used services or fully un-utilized services will be at the discretion of the Terms and Conditions of the hotel property. Advise of unused services will need to be forwarded to Euro USA Travel within 14 days of check in date.

10. Customer Service

* Should any problem or complaint occur prior to your check in date, you must contact Euro USA Travel for assistance.
* Should any problem or complaint occur during your stay, you must contact the ground operator immediately advising them of the matter. The number is located at the bottom of your voucher.
* Should any problem or complaint occur after your stay, you must submit your complaint in writing with the attention to 'Customer Service'. Please forward this to Euro USA Travel within 14 days of the end of the service provided. If the consumer fails to follow this procedure, this may hinder the ability to rectify the complaint and reduce or extinguish any claim the consumer may have.

11. Disclaimer

Although, as mentioned previously, we will take all possible care and responsibility to ensure your information is kept private however, we will not be held legally responsible for any breach as the information may be divulged to other parties which has been obtained by methods which are beyond our reasonable control.
If you have any further questions about privacy or security, please contact us by sending an email to:

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